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Interpreting Services

PL Translations provides high-level interpretation services in any language combination. Whether you require interpretation for a corporate meeting, private, legal, or a medical consultation, we provide you with excellent professional interpreters, who are native in the target language. All our interpreters have been carefully evaluated and are selected for their proven language proficiency, educational credentials and breadth of experience. Our expert linguists deliver exact interpretation that is culturally accurate.

We offer interpreting services for: 

  • Legal Consultations
  • Court Proceedings
  • Conferences
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Business Negotiations
  • Training Courses
  • Interviews
  • Speeches
  • And more…
    • Medical Appointments
    • Civil Registration
    • Business Meetings
    • Engineering Inspection
    • Human Resource Meetings
    • Teleconferences
    • City Tours
    • Seminars
    • Trade Shows


Our professional interpreters specialise in the following modes of interpreting:

Simultaneous Interpreting:
Ideal for court proceedings, conferences, corporate meetings, training sessions, small to large multilingual events, etc. Simultaneous interpreting facilitates a more effective use of time than consecutive interpreting, since it occurs in real time.

Consecutive Interpreting:
Most common form of interpretation, used for legal consultations, medical appointments, business meeting, civil registration, health & safety training, etc. Consecutive interpreters relay their interpretations when a speaker pauses, often switching back and forth between the parties who are communicating.

Whisper Interpreting:
This is used when there is just one participant in a group who requires interpretation. The interpreter sits behind the participant and interprets what is being said at the meeting, proceeding or event by whispering into the partici-pant's ear.

Phone Interpreting:
It is a cost-effective and fast solution when an interpreter is needed on demand. Our professional 24/7 interpreting service allows you to communicate instantly with anyone and at any time, around the world.

Always Reliable 24/7 Customer Service
We provide Interpreter On-call service you can count on. Your requests are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Contact us today!

Service You Can Trust
We respect the confidentiality of our clients and we are committed to keep our high ethical standards. All our interpreters have been accredited by language institutions and have completed rigorous training and testing to ensure their skills are up to our standards. They are bound by a non-disclosure agreement and abide by a code of ethics. All PL Translation interpreters sign confidentiality agreements and codes of conduct. We will also be happy to sign your company's individual confidentiality forms.