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 Reasons to Hire A Translator

For those of you who don’t know, a translator is a person who translates written pieces from one language to another. These can include newspaper articles, essays, contracts, website content and scripts. There are many machines and online resources for translating, yet there is still a huge business in human translation despite of all the modern technology resources that are now available for translating purposes. There are many reasons why you should hire a translator, and here are six such benefits:

1. Miscommunication

When you hire a translator, you can communicate the required duties to them in person. You can directly query any of the translations and receive an appropriate answer. There is no fear of the translator misunderstanding your request as can often be the case with machine translation. If you feel there are any errors, you can quickly communicate this message and solve it quickly.

2. Piece of Mind

Whoever you hire will be a seasoned professional with experience and expertise in your area. This gives you the piece of mind that the task has been left in good hands which will allow you to get on with other important duties that need doing. You can put any worries aside and instead aim your focus and concentration on other more pressing issues.


3. Margin of Error

When you hire a physical human being to translate a piece, the margin of error is far less than using a machine or automated translator. A machine may be able to fully transfer each word of a text from one language into another but the translation may not be grammatically correct. A human translator can not only transcribe the words of a text into another a language but read it over and ensure that it is grammatically correct. They will have a complete grasp of the language.

4. Native Speaker

Within any language, there can be variations for different regions, different dialects and phrases used. Often local newspaper articles may be written using the dialect or using “slang” from that particular area.There are plenty of translators who are native speakers and who will understand the differences between dialects. A computer may not recognise these differences or be unable to provide an accurate translation.

5. Areas of Specialisation

Using a one for all translation system for some pieces simply won’t work. You have the advantage of being able to hire a translator who specialises in a field of translation such as medical devices, law, or other science. Such writings would require not only someone who can transcribe the piece into another language but who also understands the complex information that the article is written about.

6. Ability to Translate a Response

In the same way that you can ask a translator to decipher a customer review, article about your industry/business or product description, you can also ask them to transcribe your response. If a business chooses to reply to a customer using their own native language, that is a real advantage. Potential suppliers or business partners would also duly appreciate accurate written communication in their own language.